Bethany Didsbury

Didsbury, Alberta

Design Thinking: To inform their thoughtful design for this new supportive living facility, the Zeidler team underwent a virtual dementia experience delivered by the Bethany staff. The resulting residence improves the lives of local seniors by providing the care they need while honouring their individual physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Key Features: The building is designed around a covered central landscaped courtyard whose sky-lit ceiling provides year-round gardens for the residents to enjoy. Resident rooms are grouped into neighbourhoods to help create smaller scale, home-like environments. Daily home activities such as dining, relaxing, and socializing are accommodated within each neighbourhood and broader activities such as worship, therapy, counseling, and social functions are held within public group spaces.

Bethany Didsbury fits right in with the general look and feel of Didsbury while incorporating the opportunity for future expansion.

Client: Bethany Care Society
Size: 87,000 sq.ft. (8,000 sq.m.)