Photo of Adam Meyer
Adam Meyer
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Alan Ford
Alan Ford
Architectural Designer
Photo of Amos Caspi
Photo of Amy Randal
Amy Randal
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Anthony Leung
Anthony Leung
Senior Accountant
Photo of Ashish Afun-Ogidan
Ashish Afun-Ogidan
Junior Architectural Designer
Photo of Bella Cho
Bella Cho
Junior Architectural Designer
Photo of Bill Mitchell
Photo of Bob Mindara
Photo of Bradley Collard
Photo of Brady Hampton
Brady Hampton
Senior Architectural Technologist, Job Captain
Photo of Brett Mills
Brett Mills
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Brian Rowland
Brian Rowland Associate, Senior Architectural Technologist, Contract Administrator
Photo of Bruce Buckingham
Bruce Buckingham
Senior Architectural Technologist, Project Manager
Photo of Cameron Danylchuk
Cameron Danylchuk
Intern Architect
Photo of Carolyn Moland
Carolyn Moland Manager, Administration and HR
Photo of Carrie Zhang
Carrie Zhang
Vice-General Manager, Beijing
Photo of Carynne Chan
Carynne Chan
Senior Interior Designer
Photo of Chris Joslin
Chris Joslin
Photo of Christina Twells
Christina Twells
Interior Designer
Photo of Dani Titley
Dani Titley
Marketing Coordinator
Photo of Daniele Vezzoli
Photo of David Collins
Photo of David Lai
David Lai
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Donny Wolcott
Donny Wolcott
Intern Architect
Photo of Edward Chan
Photo of Esmeralda Benito
Esmeralda Benito
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Faranak Tafazoli
Faranak Tafazoli Director, Finance and Operations
Photo of Farima Vahid
Photo of Fiona Warren
Fiona Warren
Senior Project Manager
Photo of Heather Williamson
Heather Williamson
Manager, Marketing and Brand
Photo of Ian Izukawa
Photo of Jack Li
Jack Li
Architectural Technologist
Photo of James D Brown
Photo of Jay Grenning
Jay Grenning Associate, Senior Architectural Technologist, Project Manager
Photo of Jean Guy Beliveau
Photo of Jeff Stevenson
Jeff Stevenson Associate, Senior Architectural Technologist
Photo of Jiameng Zeng
Jiameng Zeng
Senior Architectural Technologist
Photo of John Rovere
John Rovere National Director of Operations
Photo of Jonathan Day
Jonathan Day
Intern Architect
Photo of Josh Garcia
Josh Garcia
Contract Administrator, Architectural Technologist
Photo of Juancho Aristorena
Juancho Aristorena
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Jürgen Henze
Photo of Justin Black
Photo of Kenneth Welsh
Kenneth Welsh
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Kyle Niznik
Kyle Niznik
Senior Contract Administrator
Photo of Lena Chow
Photo of Leticia Vega
Leticia Vega
Administrative and Technical Assistant
Photo of Lisle Ruff
Lisle Ruff
Senior Interior Designer
Photo of Lizzie Li
Lizzie Li
Architectural Designer
Photo of Marcos Hui
Marcos Hui Managing Director, Vancouver
Photo of Margo Smith
Margo Smith
Interior Design Studio Lead, Vancouver
Photo of Maris Luksis
Photo of Mark Bosselle
Mark Bosselle
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Mark Huang
Mark Huang
Intermediate Architectural Designer
Photo of Marta Sensidoni
Marta Sensidoni Senior Associate, Architectural Designer
Photo of Marvin Spitzke
Marvin Spitzke Associate, Senior Architectural Technologist
Photo of Matthew Firestone
Matthew Firestone
Intern Architect
Photo of Max Heffler
Max Heffler
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Megan Russo
Megan Russo
Interior Designer
Photo of Michael Pickett
Michael Pickett
Interior Designer
Photo of Mike Smith
Mike Smith Senior Associate
Photo of Miroslaw Paprotny
Miroslaw Paprotny Managing Director, Victoria
Photo of Monica Zak
Monica Zak
Interior Designer
Photo of Natasha Basacchi
Natasha Basacchi
Marketing Manager
Photo of Nives Fatovic
Nives Fatovic
Supervisor, Project Accounting
Photo of Patricia Diaz
Patricia Diaz
Junior Architectural Designer
Photo of Patrick Li
Patrick Li
Senior Architectural Designer
Photo of Queenie Wong
Photo of R. Sean Crawford
Photo of Richard Johnson
Photo of Rob Eley
Photo of Rod Santos
Photo of Roger Williams
Roger Williams
Network Administrator
Photo of Sean Hickey
Sean Hickey
Accounting Clerk
Photo of Stephanie Murphy
Stephanie Murphy
Intern Architect
Photo of Stephen Bugbee
Photo of Stephen Purdy
Stephen Purdy Associate, Architect
Photo of Steven Belt
Steven Belt
Intern Architect
Photo of Steven Meldrum
Steven Meldrum
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Sukhpreet Kaur
Sukhpreet Kaur
Photo of Svetozar Garnenkov
Svetozar Garnenkov Senior Associate, Architect
Photo of Talena Slipchuk
Talena Slipchuk
Project Administrative Assistant
Photo of Tanya Colleaux
Tanya Colleaux
Senior Administrative Assistant
Photo of Tanya Phillips
Tanya Phillips
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Tao Shi
Tao Shi
Senior Architectural Designer
Photo of Thomas Hübener
Thomas Hübener Managing Director, Berlin
Photo of Trevor Beaudette
Trevor Beaudette
Contract Administrator
Photo of Trish Lovstrom
Trish Lovstrom
Interior Designer
Photo of Tyler Loewenhardt
Tyler Loewenhardt
Intern Architect
Photo of Vaidila Banelis
Photo of Vaishnavi Ramesh
Vaishnavi Ramesh
Junior Architectural Designer
Photo of Vladimir Andreev
Vladimir Andreev
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Wunlane Yiu
Wunlane Yiu
Architectural Technologist
Photo of Yuliya Dovhan
Yuliya Dovhan
Project Accountant