Jean Guy Beliveau


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Jean Guy’s breadth of experience allows him to achieve all goals from a creative, functional, and budget perspective. He offers a high-energy, responsive approach to his clients. Believing firmly that form follows function, Jean Guy is passionate about technically-sound design that is not only innovative, but also practical in nature.

Jean Guy is an exceptional project manager, and he spearheads some of the firm’s largest, most complex projects while directing and overseeing the production teams. He also led the Calgary studio’s full transition into Building Information Modeling (BIM). He is adaptable and receptive—key traits that help strengthen his professional relationships. He sees change as an opportunity and responds to the demands of the moment to successfully find solutions. As a committed team leader, his direct involvement and lead-by-example approach ensures that all team members are fully engaged and committed to the goal at hand.

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headshot of Jean Guy Beliveau

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