Touring The Hogeweyk—the world’s first and original Dementia Village

July 18, 2023
Eloy Van Hal, Zeidler Architecture, Bethany Care Society, and The Brenda Strafford Foundation infront of De Hogeweyk dementia village

Humanizing Dementia Care: Team members from Zeidler Architecture, alongside Bethany Care Society and The Brenda Strafford Foundation, travel to Amsterdam to learn about The Hogeweyk Care Concept.


Recently, Zeidler Architecture’s Bill Mitchell, Partner, and Margot Schulman, Seniors Living Lead, had the opportunity to tour The Hogeweyk dementia care facility in the Netherlands alongside Jennifer McCue, President & Chief Executive Officer of Bethany Care Society, Carolyne Mondoux, Vice President, Service Excellence, Quality & Innovation, and Karyn Golem, Vice President, Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer, both with The Brenda Strafford Foundation.

Aligned with Zeidler’s core value of putting people first, our approach to the design of any care environment focuses on the resident experience—both the emotional and physical response elicited by the space, and how well the space serves the needs of residents and care providers. We are enthusiastic about the design opportunities presented as the move to deinstitutionalize care environments continues with an increasing priority on personal wellness and connection to the built environment. We are passionately committed to shifting the cultural paradigms through awareness, universal design, education, and strategic partnerships – encouraging the community to come together to make a difference. We believe everyone deserves to live their best life, with independence, social connections, physical activity, health, and joy—because good design is design that works for everyone.

Our trip to The Hogeweyk has further invigorated our team’s dedication to expanding our expertise into how the delivery of care is evolving. We understand the various stages in the aging process and, as designers, we look to create opportunities through the challenges. We are eager to bring new perspectives that not only give residents more agency, but also support evolving models of care.


We are enthusiastic about our work with organizations that recognize how the shifting landscape of care will benefit residents, their families, and care providers. This is not a one-dimensional challenge. It is complex and multi-faceted, requiring shifts in the approach to both design and operations. The team at Zeidler is excited by this continuous evolution, including the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and to successfully deliver projects like The Hogeweyk here in Canada.

Photo of Eloy Van Hal (left), Founder of The Hogeweyk and Operator of Torendael, a multi-storey building in Amsterdam operating under The Hogeweyk Care Concept
Photo of David Collins presents galleria revitalization at The Buildings Show

David Collins presents galleria revitalization at The Buildings Show

Photo of Assuta Medical Center

Assuta Medical Center

Photo of Co-creation to inform our technical design

Co-creation to inform our technical design

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