Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital Reaches Substantial Completion

September 18, 2020
The Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital from the road to the main entrance.

Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital reached a significant milestone in substantial completion on August 26, 2020. This achievement was marked by an integrated collaborative effort with Mackenzie Health, Zeidler as the Planning, Design and Compliance Architects (PDC), and Stantec, the Architect of Record as part of the Design, Build, Finance and Maintain Plenary Health team.

“We are so proud to be achieving this milestone together, which would not have been possible without an integrated, collaborative approach between our team, the Plenary Health, Infrastructure Ontario and Mackenzie Health. Rather than working in silos, our team found ways to open lines of communication, creating a process that encouraged ideation to expedite solving challenges.” Edward Chan, Partner at Zeidler.

The new Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital will provide state-of-the-art patient care to meet the demands for the community of Vaughan, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. As part of a major regional health system, Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital will provide specialized Integrated Stroke, Pediatrics, Mental Health and Obstetrics programs in addition to core services such as critical care and emergency. The facility has capacity for 350 beds within the 11-storey, 1,200,000 square foot facility, with capacity to expand to more than 500 beds.

As the first smart hospital in Canada, it features fully integrated “smart” technology systems and medical devices that can speak directly to one another to maximize information exchange, optimize workflow, reduce operating costs and enhance patient outcomes. Realizing a first-of-its-kind smart hospital was made successful with the initial design thinking of the Zeidler-led PDC team with Mackenzie Health and implemented into reality by the Plenary Health Design.

Photo of Occupancy milestone achieved on Livmore High Park

Occupancy milestone achieved on Livmore High Park

Photo of Rezoning for 202 Jarvis resubmitted with expanded program

Rezoning for 202 Jarvis resubmitted with expanded program

Photo of The Shore Reaches Completion

The Shore Reaches Completion

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