Le Germain

Calgary, Alberta

Zeidler BKDI's Role: Project Architect; Design Architect - LeMay Michaud Architecture Design
Client: Grenville Germain Groupe
Size: 310,000 sq.ft. (28,800 sq.m.)

Designed in collaboration with Lemay Michaud Architects, Le Germain Calgary is a mixed use design that enhances the streetscape, and demonstrates the benefits of good urban design.

The distinctive architectural design of Le Germain incorporates the warmth of wood and the beauty of glass, trademark elements of Groupe Germain Boutique Hotels. The 150,000 ft2 office component, a sparkling glass curtain wall, connects to the 150- room hotel. The two are bridged by 42 penthouse residences, dramatically staggered with large green roof concept terraces that offer breathtaking views of the Calgary skyline.

The building is a highly innovative addition to Calgary and is destined to become one of the signature landmarks for the city. The project focuses on providing public art as an integral element of the design, making it a leader in the continuing development of Calgary’s dynamic and vibrant cityscape. Additionally, many green technologies have been incorporated into the design.