Marta Sensidoni

Senior Associate, Architectural Designer

Photo of Marta Sensidoni

Marta is an accomplished designer whose work is integral to many award-winning and internationally-recognized architectural and interiors projects. Marta advocates integrating urbanism, architecture and interiors as an inter-related approach to design. A results-driven lead designer, team player and manager, Marta is recognized for inspiring love and passion for design excellence. She consistently strengthens relationships with clients and project stakeholders. Her ability to interpret client and end-user needs and objectives leads to long-standing trust. She excels at crafting abstract ideas into executable design; her technical knowledge of materials and specifications make her a valued leader of project teams. Marta’s passion for design and effective management skills allow her to achieve exceptional design for her clients while respecting budget and project timelines.

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Photo of Marta Sensidoni

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