Carolyn Moland

Manager, Administration and HRRPR, MBTI

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As the Manager of Human Resources and Administration, Carolyn is integral to the smooth running of Zeidler. Her emphasis on communication and collaboration between employees and team members manifests into an enriching environment conducive to continued growth. Carolyn was drawn to Zeidler by her desire to work with creative people with a strong vision of how to make things better. She amplifies these qualities in staff order to contribute to a collaborative firm culture.

Carolyn has an extensive background in Human Resources and is accredited in Meyer Briggs Type Indicating. She applied these skills in order to help initiate an internal mentorship program at the firm. She is an advocate to the eternal learner, believing there is a valuable lesson to take away from every project and situation that can help our team and, in turn, help our clients.

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Photo of Carolyn Moland

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