Amos Caspi

PrincipalB.Arch. & Urban Planning

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Amos has been a key member of our design team for over 20 years with rich international experience. He has a perceptive understanding of complex issues, enabling him to take an abstract idea and reduce it, giving it shape and form. Amos quickly identifies client priorities and user needs, enabling him to develop a holistic design response that supports fiscal, cultural, physical and emotional needs. His design thinking approach forges connections between place, people and need, creating greater value and a sense of place. He has implemented this approach across industry sectors with emphasis in healthcare facilities that benefit from this sensitive approach to complex design. Amos has been involved in all aspects of healthcare design, including master planning, compliance and delivery.

Amos is a skilled facilitator with considerable persuasiveness. His dynamic nature and fluid creative mind allows him to swiftly respond to concerns, allowing him to effectively achieve consensus with large stakeholder groups. Amos’ passion for sketching and drawing is a valued talent utilized in our conceptual design phases on many of our high-profile projects.

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Photo of Amos Caspi

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