Institute for Applied Health Science, Mohawk College and McMaster University

Hamilton, Ontario

Design Thinking: As one of the first examples of a single facility shared by a College and a University within Ontario, the building is designed to encourage the integration and sharing of facilities and learning experiences. It also allows for the inclusion of planned participation of industrial partners. The atria within the building create openness and encourage communication between the two educational streams. Rapid changes in the health sciences demand flexibility. This is achieved by developing two generic types of spaces, which accommodate office areas and teaching spaces. A separate corridor system is developed for each with frequent connections. This combines a degree of separation of student and faculty while maintaining a close proximity and ease of access.

Key Features:
The site occupies the most visible corner of the campus and is ideally suited to this signature building. It houses health science programs including Occupational and Physical Therapy, Medical Imaging Technology, Healthcare Aides, Joint Health Sciences Programs, and Anatomy Laboratories.

Completed as Predecessor Firm: Zeidler Roberts Partnership Architects
In association with: Trevor Garwood Jones
Client: Mohawk College, McMaster University
Size: 160,000 sq.ft. (15,000 sq.m.)