Calgary, Alberta

Design Thinking: With sustainability as a main driver of the design of this new office, our team delivered a workplace that not only reflected this focus, but also represented the organization’s global culture and values. Using nature as an underlying theme, our team developed a furniture-based open plan workplace that is transparent, collaborative and a healthy space for employees and visitors.

Key Features: Our team worked with IHS and the building owners to incorporate several sustainable building improvements that decreased consumption of natural resources. These upgrades included new water fixtures, which reduced potable water consumption by 30 per cent, and energy-efficient appliances and IT equipment. Improved building ventilation and use of low VOC materials resulted in better air quality. Careful layout considerations maximized natural daylight throughout the space. As a result, the project achieved the first LEED® Gold for Commercial Interiors certification in Calgary and served as a model for future projects in the IHS global real estate portfolio.

Client: IHS Inc.
Size: 70,000 sq.ft. (6,500 sq.m.)