Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Galleries

Belleville, Ontario

Design Thinking: The Belleville Public Library provides resources for research and recreation and serves as a cultural and community destination. The design articulates the library in two distinct masses; the rectangular mass is anchored to the west while the circular element faces both Campbell and Pinnacle Streets. The rectangular element houses the library stacks, lounges and study spaces; the circular is more public in nature including a gift shop and street café.

Key Features: The rectangular building’s exterior is enveloped with beige and reddish brown squares of concrete inspired by pattern paintings and quilts. Within the site context, the notion of the quilt allows inclusion of a variety of colours and textures, now easily achieved with pre-cast technologies. A large plaza frames the circular building, creating a sense of welcome and have added greatly to the animation of the urban site.

Client: City of Belleville
Size: 38,000 sq.ft. (4,000 sq.m.)
• Ontario Association of Architects – Design Excellence Award, 2009