New amenities create a social hub for office tenants at Stephen Avenue Place

March 18, 2021
Photo of New amenities create a social hub for office tenants at Stephen Avenue Place

Adapting commercial towers to respond to current needs can make them more vibrant destinations and help ensure long-term success.

Located at an important intersection in downtown Calgary, Stephen Avenue Place is being reimagined as an important mixed-use destination that aims to redefine the traditional office tower. It will now take full advantage of its location on Stephen Avenue, and improve connections with the +15 and nearby transit routes. 

A multi-faceted renovation, the project includes the revitalization of the podium fa├žade facing Stephen Avenue Walk to increase transparency and accessibility,  as well as upgraded interiors throughout the building. Early in the project, Slate Asset Management understood the critical role of adding amenities to attract office tenants, proving to be especially vital post-pandemic. 

Among these amenities is a full fitness centre complete with locker rooms and showers. It also boasts rooms for cardio, weights, along with a multi-use studio. To make Stephen Avenue Place an enticing place for hosting events, conference and meeting rooms were also added, along with a more casual lounge space and game room. With many of these amenities located on the fourth floor of the building, materials were carefully chosen to reduce noise transfer between separate areas. Contrasting textures and colours were used to add warmth, while also paying tribute to the architectural context of the project. 

A key design intent of the renovation of the interiors was to make the space modern and inviting. On the amenity floor, glazing has been strategically used to separate various rooms to maximize daylight filtering through the space, making it more open and bright. Areas that will see the most activity have been placed on the edges of the building, with fritting to provide privacy where needed. Connectivity and accessibility were also top of mind when upgrading amenities. Barrier-free washrooms and accessible showers in the gym have been added, while the building’s reimagined floorplan favours wide corridors and has been designed to be adaptable and flexible.

While working with an existing building can come with its set of challenges and constraints, it also offers the opportunity to optimize the value of an existing structure. Additionally, it offers the chance to extend the lifespan of a facility without extensive demolition. In the case of Stephen Avenue Place, the interiors will play an important role in creating an attractive and flexible space for office workers, one that promotes well-being and comfort. 

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