Celebrating our identity

March 09, 2020
Photo of Celebrating our identity

We’re excited to present a refreshed website that more accurately highlights our firm’s values, strengths, and identity as a national architectural practice.

Reflecting the steady growth of Zeidler, the website has been designed to emphasize our progress and continued success as one of Canada’s leading firms. The design prominently features our people, a select portfolio of recent work, and our culture. Our goal was to highlight the quality of our work, client-service, and professionalism that we are known for.


We’re proud of the diversity within Zeidler. As a national firm, we utilize the talent of all staff across our Canadian offices in a highly collaborative manner. It was important for us to acknowledge all our team members, not just those in leadership positions.

Featured Portfolio

As a leading Canadian architectural practice, we have been creating spaces that shape experiences for over 65 years. Our focused portfolio of select work emphasizes the excellence of our recent body of work.  Each project has been crafted to tell a story of our design thinking and approach to resolving our clients’ needs.


We featured our culture prominently as it’s a significant facet of who we are and what makes us successful. We are proud of the community that we have cultivated at Zeidler. As we grow nationally, we are looking for talented and ambitious people to join our team to build on our legacy of design excellence.

Our new website demonstrates our commitment to the creation of exceptional spaces that bring people together. We look forward to engaging you in our News page where we post announcements, celebrate our project milestones, and showcase our thought leaders.

Photo of Toronto office moves after 60 years downtown

Toronto office moves after 60 years downtown

Photo of Zeidler expanding services with new Vancouver office

Zeidler expanding services with new Vancouver office

Photo of Together, we design our city

Together, we design our city

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