Celebrating 50 years of Ontario Place

May 20, 2021
Photo of Celebrating 50 years of Ontario Place

May 22, 2021 marks the 50th year of Ontario Place, a bold architectural statement on Toronto’s waterfront that paved the way for reconnecting people to the water.

Ontario Place opened at a time when there was a new, unbridled enthusiasm and optimism for re-establishing the relationship between people and the waterfront. These “Islands of things to do, see and discover” were more than mere berms and beams jutting out into Toronto’s great lake, they were also symbolic of an effort to look to the future to create a better place to grow. Designed in part to showcase Ontario, they also became an integral gathering place that would act as an important precedent for waterfront revitalization in the city.

As people have rediscovered the great outdoors in the past year to stay safe and healthy, many have discovered new parks and open spaces that dot the city’s map. An enduring landmark on the city’s waterfront, Ontario Place’s Pods and Cinesphere still beckon young and old to come discover the shoreline in a new way. On any given day, fifty years on, you can find people at Ontario Place strolling, cycling, anchoring their boats, skating, or catching the sunset — its role of connecting people to the water has not changed. As part of the celebration, the Zeidler team shared stories and images about Ontario Place to recognize the Zeidler landmark. The City of Toronto also recognized this important milestone by declaring May 22, 2021 as “Ontario Place Day”. Happy Birthday, Ontario Place!

Photo of Ontario Place

Ontario Place

Photo of CF Toronto Eaton Centre

CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Photo of Canada Place

Canada Place

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