Parliamentary Precinct Block 2 Redevelopment wins AZ Awards 2023 and People’s Choice

June 27, 2023
DCA, Vaidila Banelis, and Edward Chan with the AZ Awards 2023 and People's Choice at the AZ Awards Gala 2023

Zeidler Architecture, in partnership with David Chipperfield Architects’ London studio, is delighted to announce that our design for the Parliamentary Precinct Block 2 Redevelopment has been awarded two AZ Awards. The AZ Awards 2023 Winner: Urban Design Unbuilt Developments and AZ Awards 2023 People’s Choice: Urban Design Unbuilt Developments.

The AZ Awards competition is a prestigious event that celebrates the best in contemporary design and recognizes the most innovative and inspiring projects from around the world. The awards are a testament to the exceptional work and dedication of the entire team involved in the project, and we are deeply honoured to be recognized for our contribution to the global design and architecture community.

Block 2 is a vital civic space of national importance within Ottawa’s Parliamentary Precinct. Our vision weaves together past, present, and future creating a tapestry of forms and styles. The design celebrates a diverse nation and suggests a sustainable and inclusive future for Canadian democracy.

The vision for Block 2 is based on a principle of responsible stewardship. Sustainability, Indigenous values, and heritage conservation share much common ground. Stewardship of the land and resources is a concept embedded in Indigenous culture. It is also a tenet of good governance and the basis for a design approach of minimal intervention and maximum retention. Old structures are woven together with new net-zero structures to create a diverse, characterful, yet coherent whole.

Through this winning international design competition scheme, we draw on the strengths of the old and the new. We acknowledge Canada’s charged history, as expressed in its heritage buildings. From this, we forge a new architectural language that seeks not to erase the past, but to reconcile it with new technology and inspiring Indigenous practice; moving forward sustainably and with fresh purpose, to demonstrate the best that Canada can be.

The rhythm and cadence of the whole ensemble riffs on the Canadian identity. The architecture is purpose-led and people-led, uniquely Canadian, and contemporary in style for a nation that is confident in itself and its future—a future that demonstrates the best that Canada can be: inclusive, accepting of difference, resilient, and in harmony with nature.

Read Azure’s full award write-up here.

You can find the detailed write-up with visuals about the Block 2 Redevelopment here.

Photo of Block 2 redevelopment design concept unveiled

Block 2 redevelopment design concept unveiled

Photo of Zeidler and DCA reach a significant milestone in Block 2 redevelopment

Zeidler and DCA reach a significant milestone in Block 2 redevelopment

Photo of Block 2 Redevelopment

Block 2 Redevelopment

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