UP Express Union Station Platform

Toronto, Ontario

With Design Guidelines By: Winkreative and Hosoya Schaefer Architects
Client: Metrolinx
Size: 18,500 sq.ft. (1,700 sq.m.)

Zeidler designed the Union Station terminus for this direct rail link between Pearson International Airport and Union Station in downtown Toronto. The project, immediately west of Union Station and adjacent to the existing Skywalk, includes the train station, waiting lounge space, retail concessions, and support facilities. The upper mezzanine offers a public lounge with food service, meeting space, and staff facilities. 

The station platform is completely enclosed and features a screen door system for passenger comfort and safety. Our coordination with the engineering team led to creative solutions that resolved IT and security issues for the door system, including an innovative design solution to synchronize the train doors with the openings on the station platform. 

The facility was designed to fit into the height restriction of the existing building, requiring floor depths for the mezzanine to be minimal. Challenged with this restriction, we used the ceiling design to define the space as a sculptural and dynamic element that conveys the movement of travel. Articulated beams rise from the top of the train doors to the ceiling of the waiting lounge, and then descend to envelope the lounge space at the mezzanine level, protruding into the Skywalk as an object that lingers above the UP entrance. Slender y-shaped columns support the predominantly wood ceiling. Continuous clear glass skylights bathe the wood in warm daylight. Black paneled walls visually anchor the space and define boundaries, entrances, and passageways, while exposed concrete walls and columns counterbalance the wood and glass. The bold elegance of the space supports an uplifting travel experience, creating drama and beauty that mark passengers’ arrival at a
world-class city.