Tsingtao Bay Hotel

Tianjin, China

Client: Tsingtao Bay Development Co. Ltd.
Size: 1,290,000 sq.ft. (120,000 sq.m.)

The design scheme focuses on human needs, aiming to produce a timeless landmark; a scenic spot that mainly features the international standard yacht wharf and fishman’s wharf. The youth and vitality of this century old bay will thus be revived.

Curved lines are used to symbolize water texture while the wavy structure and the smooth coastline bring about a picture full of energy, romance and passion. At the south of the waterfront, the pedestrian path is lined with cafés, a bar, retail stores, and catering facilities. It is a two floor setback layout, which help enrich the façade image, extend the waterfront pedestrian path and provide the tourists with beautiful amenities.

The project fully takes advantage of the beautiful location, offering picturesque views of the waterfront.