The Renert School at Royal Vista

Calgary, Alberta

Zeidler BKDI
Renert Centre
Size: 37,000 sq.ft. (3,450 sq.m.)

The Renert School is an innovative private school for students from elementary through high school. Partnering with Elan Construction, this school was a “design-build” project with a tight budget. The facility is a result of close collaboration between builders, educators and architects. The design includes the ability for future expansion. The following is an excerpt from the Renert School website:

“A Smart Building: The Renert School building was designed to reflect the progressive educational vision of the school. It is a hybrid between a school and a community centre, with studios for art, music, yoga, dance, and martial arts. We made every effort to make it as non-institutionalized as possible. The building even has a jungle gym for small kids ... what could be more exciting? It is a fun, visually-stimulating environment that students would want to come to every day.”

Building features include specialty studios, a tutoring centre, a unique gymnasium with a “jungle gym” play area, and cafeteria, as well as classrooms and administration offices. The building’s exterior is contemporary in style, personalized through colour and architectural features that reflect the innovative philosophy of the school.