Steinbrenner Band Building, University of Florida

Gainesville, USA

Client: University of Florida
Size: 17,000 sq.ft. (2,000 sq.m.)
LEED: Gold

Zeidler Partnership Architects initially provided Conceptual Design Services for major additions to and renovations of the School of Music Building. These “tools” were instrumental in securing a donation which has made possible the George

F. Steinbrenner Band Addition. Zeidler was then retained to design the 17,000 sf facility as well as investigate multiple options for masterplanning what will ultimately total to 120,000 sf of additions and dramatic renovations to the original iconic structure. Given the potential substantial costs of improving the original structure to meet current life safety, ADA requirements and the potential to easily isolate the Band Program the decision was made to create a freestanding building which will eventually be connected to the main facility via substantial “in ll” additions and renovations.

The design takes advantage of the site’s 14’ grade change, locating the 5,600 sf Band Rehearsal room at street level and wrapping it to the south and east with a layered distribution of offices, library, storage and mechanical areas carved into the slope of the site. The new structure’s placement and overall design relate to the existing Music Building and reinforce historical pedestrian circulation paths across the campus. The project has achieved a LEED Gold level.