Shenyang Culture & Art Center

Shenyang, China

Client: Municipal Planning Bureau and Land Resources Bureau
Size: 426,000 sq.ft. (39,600 sq.m.)

The proposed Culture and Art Centre project is situated on the north bank of the Hun River at the apex of Qingnian Avenue (the “Golden Corridor”) as a key development for the city of Shenyang.

The project consists of a series of stacked white boxes that emulate the rare stones on the Hun River.

A prime focus of the project was to create an iconic building that will serve as a symbol for the city while acknowledging its riverside setting. Careful consideration was given to traditional materials and landscaping to echo traditional Chinese culture.

Zeidler was requested to create a 39,000 m2 facility that consists of an art gallery, a concert hall and a cultural production centre with ample spaces suitable for public gatherings.