Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

Client: University of Toronto
Size: 107,000 sq.ft. (10,000 sq.m.)

Located on St. George Street in the downtown campus of the University of Toronto, this 107,000 square foot building includes an 8,000 square foot library, classrooms with tiered seating, seminar rooms, computer facilities, and faculty offices. The three-storey south and west wings, and five-storey north and east wings enclose a central quadrangle which serves as the focal point of the building. Student and faculty lounges, and teaching spaces are grouped around the space with an open stair and elevators connecting the quadrangle with the upper floors of the building.

The building is fully connected to the University of Toronto’s computer network, with three data communication rooms in total on the second and fourth floors. Two computer labs, one with 55 seats and the other with 10 seats, have raised flooring for easy reconfigurations. Computer research labs are located on the fourth and flfth floors. All classroom seats have data and power hook-ups, allowing access to the University network. The lecture podium and audio-visual system in each classroom are connected, allowing projection of images from a computer, VCR or materials placed on a visual imager.

A self-contained 7,000 square foot Executive Centre is also provided, with features including two caserooms, breakout rooms, dining lounge, administrative offices, and dedicated lobby and elevator.