Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario

Design Competition
Client: University of Western Ontario
LEED: Silver (goal)

The University of Western Ontario sought expressions of interest from design teams for design services of a new building for the Richard Ivey School of Business. Zeidler was one of the selected four firms to submit a design for this international competition.

The competition was to build a three-storey facility of approximately 220,000 square feet. The building was to be used for teaching and scholarship activities, and was intended to be a highly interactive facility which will meet the needs of this prestigious business school. As well, the design was to be in accordance with the University Campus Master Plan and respect the architectural vocabulary of the University of Western Ontario.

The design was to be to Silver LEED Standards as a minimum, with an estimated construction cost of $75 million. This new building was envisioned to be an iconic statement of Ivey’s position as a leading educator of global business leaders. The design would build on Ivey’s success and enhance its future as a top-ranked international business school.