Peel Memorial Centre for Health and Wellness Redevelopment

Brampton, Ontario

Design Thinking: We were selected through a competitive tendering process to design initial conceptual renderings for Peel and completed the Ministry of Health Stage 1 Master Plan and Stage 2 Functional Program and Block Diagrams. The site will become an integral part of the City’s vision for downtown Brampton and will form a health and wellness district, with an Ambulatory Care Centre, medical office buildings, retirement homes, long-term care and children’s clinics. The program of the ambulatory centre focuses on surgical clinics, day surgery, chronic disease management, urgent care, complex continuing care beds and the necessary diagnostic services to support these activities. The design of the campus kept each building independent with planned connections using public spaces and by physical connections such as “Livable Bridges” and underground services.

Key Features: A green spine is planned as the main pedestrian circulation corridor, both separating and connecting the adjoining east section of the site with the west health centre section. At the south end of the site, a tower landmark terminates the green spine. Two urban plazas along John Street form a pedestrian gateway, celebrating the terminus viewpoints, and strengthening the hospital’s integration into the urban fabric. Zeidler was also shortlisted as one of the proponent teams for the DBFM RFP pursuit.

Client: William Osler Health System
Size: 450,000 sq.ft. (42,000 sq.m.)