Etobicoke General Hospital Redevelopment

Toronto, Ontario

Design Thinking: The site for the Etobicoke General Hospital (EGH) redevelopment presented opportunities for creating a simple, user-friendly, human-scaled environment that would promote sustainability and highlight the surrounding Humber River parkland. Design elements included creating ‘portals of care’, convenient parking solutions, and defining circulation of patients, visitors, and services. Zeidler completed the master plan and schematic design as part of this redevelopment project.

Key Features: A new four-storey wing provides expanded facilities for the Emergency Department, maternity and newborn care, enhanced day surgery capacity, a fracture clinic, inpatient dialysis services and increased ambulatory clinics. A “public room” connects the existing hospital to the new wing through the creation of a new lobby, entrance and public face for EGH.

Client: William Osler Health System
Size: New – 217,000 sq.ft. (20,000 sq.m.); Addition – 440,000 sq.ft. (41,000 sq.m)