CityPlace Block 36N

Toronto, Ontario

Design Thinking: Block 36N is part of Toronto’s Open Door Program which unlocks opportunities on public land to fast-track the planning and approvals of affordable rental housing developments. The colourful façade of this nine-storey, 80-unit building harmonizes with the adjacent library and condominium. Bordering a proposed public park, the design incorporates a grading solution that conveniently links the park’s lower grade to the building’s terrace, providing significantly more amenity space than required.

Key Features: Our approach to the interior layout maximizes apartment living spaces which exceed the average size requirements in the Affordable Housing Design Guidelines. All bedrooms have an exterior exposure and laundry facilities are conveniently located on every other floor. Simple, durable and easy to maintain materials are used which meets budget requirements while ensuring that the building offers appealing residences that compare favourably to market-value condominiums.

Client: City of Toronto
Size: 107,600 sq.ft. (10,000 sq.m.)