33 Avenue Road

Toronto, Ontario

Design Thinking: The mixed-use residential project wraps around the existing heritage building to rise 31-storeys of 330 luxury residential units with commercial retail occupying the first three floors. Building on Yorkville’s network of pedestrian mid-block connections and character as a walkable neighbourhood, the project includes a pedestrian passage flanked by retail. The port-cochère serves as an access point from Avenue Road and provides a vehicular drop-off for the building that is off the main street.

Key Features: The “Square” offers the residents of Yorkville a vibrant, active and welcoming public “room” that will be curated year-round with activities and events. The roof over the square provides shelter but also creates an important visual separation between the public realm and the tower, and allows the building’s base to relate to human scale. The design features garden terraces on the east and west façades, and a large roof garden and outdoor amenity space on the 4th floor.

Design Architect: Zeidler
Design Development/Construction Documents/Construction Administration: Richmond Architects Ltd.
Client: Empire Communities
Size: 226,000 sq.ft. (21,000 sq.m.)