The Mark on 10th

Calgary, Alberta

Zeidler BKDI
In Association with: Rafii Architects
Client: Qualex-Landmark
Size: 270,000 sq.ft. (25,000 sq.m.)

Located at a prominent intersection on one of the busiest access corridors into the downtown core, Mark on 10th is a mixed-use development comprising main floor street accessible retail, second floor office space and a residential tower with 275 contemporary suites.

Our design brings a modern, artistic, and edgy building to the neighbourhood. The main entrance is highlighted at street level by an angled yellow-tinted glass planter box and yellow-tinted glass elevator that welcome residents to the lobby. Our design for the tower façade includes  both full glazing and an orderly arrangement of solid veneer with high windows. The window heights become progressively taller from street level to the top of the building, giving the impression that the higher the building rises, the “lighter” its appears. 

Mark’s units sold-out a full year before its completion—a great example of our successful collaboration with Rafii Architects and a high return on investment for Qualex–Landmark.