Margaret and Charles Juravinski Centre for Integrated Healthcare

Hamilton, Ontario

Client: St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
Size: 850,000 sq.ft. (84,000 sq.m.)

Zeidler, together with architecture+ as mental health specialists, formed the core compliance team for this 305-bed, 850,000 sq.ft mental healthcare complex. Zeidler developed the master plan, schematic design and output specifications guiding the redevelopment of this LEED® Gold hospital. Our PDC team for the Centre for Integrated Healthcare brought a unique combination of expertise in mental health design, sustainable architectural and landscape design to the project, combined with a thorough understanding of the provincial approval process.

Situated on a 56-acre site, this project signifies a new era for mental health services in Canada as it integrates inpatient and outpatient services, research facilities and academic partnerships. Our seamless integration of mental health and non-mental health programs into the facility is achieved through the combination of shared clinical program spaces in each of the inpatient units, which form neighborhoods where patients and staff from various units interact for group therapy and individual counseling. Hospital-wide patient activity areas such as recreational and vocational therapy spaces, gift shops, library, and coffee shop are arranged to create a therapeutic village for inpatient activity. The design further emphasizes accessibility to nature through outdoor recreation areas and walking trails, and creates a strong connection with Mohawk College and the Escarpment. The new facility exemplifies modern trends in mental healthcare.