Berlin, Germany

Client: Windsor Fondgesellschaft
Size: 30,000 sq.ft. (2,800 sq.m.)

The 17 condominiums at Hohenzollerndamm 119 in the Schmargendorf section of Berlin are housed within a strictly regulated urban environment. The gabled roof of the four-story building, which stands on a rectangular lot, harmonizes with its neighboring structure. Its hipped roof on the other side, toward Hohenzollerndamm 118, accords with local urban specifications. The details of the facade and roof elements have been painstakingly and precisely executed within the context of definitively modern form practice, so that they lend the building a recognizably high-quality, contemporary appearance.

The eves are overhanging throughout; the two rear roof terraces are set within the roof surface behind the eves. The roof is covered with flat tiles. The punctuated facades of the sides of the building facing the street and the garden are jointed with horizontal and vertical bands. The ceiling-to-floor windows are framed with slightly recessed frames, as are the vertical window bands of the windows in the staircases on the street side. The balconies along the garden facade are arranged symmetrically. The facade is finished in light-tone plaster, framed in contrasting tones.