Grenadier Square Redevelopment

Toronto, Ontario

Client: GWL Realty Advisors
Size: 430,500 sq.ft. (40,000 sq.m.)

Located just north of Bloor Street in the High Park area and immediately adjacent to a TTC subway station, this proposed two   25-storey tower development adds 530 residential rental units to the site’s existing 1960s-era concrete apartment buildings. Both towers contain one-and two-bedroom units, and 5-storey podiums with townhouse units on the ground floor that reflect the housing character of the neighbourhood.

The new development will replace existing townhouses, and will be a contrast to the two 1960s era slab apartment buildings that will remain on site. The façade design concept is comprised of a base pattern over which a set of pattern variations are emphasized in significant areas. These recessed and extruded pattern variations provide visual interest at the human scale by articulating areas of the towers where transitions occur: podium to tower, and tower to crown. The language establishes a rhythm of volumetric and material variation, by both expressing a distinction of modules on a human scale, and a pattern that relates the smaller parts to a larger idea. Our design strategy integrates the desired level of density with an attractive pedestrian-friendly street condition, as well as a desirable solid-to-glass façade ratio. The towers will be clad in light precast concrete with a warm tone, contrasted by strategic areas of charcoal-colour brick.