Golden British Columbia Visitors Information Centre

Golden, British Columbia

Client: Golden Area Initiative Community Economic Development Services, Tourism BC, Kicking Horse Resorts, BC Ministry of Transport
LEED: Gold

The Golden Provincial Visitor Information Centre is a 5,600 square foot tourism and community facility. It will occupy a site northeast of Golden that can be viewed prominently from the highway. The site offers stunning views to the east, south and southwest and is bounded by forest to the west. To the north lies property currently in industrial use.

The Centre will be used by the community of Golden, Tourism British Columbia, Kicking Horse Resort and the Ministry of Transport to provide area information. It will house displays and gathering, hospitality and storage facilities that will be used by the aforementioned groups. The design strategy for the building includes:

1. The community, tourism and visitor component is articulated as a Great Hall – a linear space reminiscent of the industrial and railroad heritage of the area. Architectural features include timber and wood structural elements (supplied by industries in the Golden area) and window and amenity placement that take advantage of views to Mount Seven and the Kicking Horse Resort.

2. Program elements such as washrooms, offices and storage are placed in a lower enclosure adjacent to the north side of the Great Hall.

3. The design team has endeavored to achieve a high level of performance with respect to sustainability, receiving a LEED Gold certification.