Fox Cities Performing Arts Center

Appleton, Wisconsin

Client: Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
Size: 130,000 sq.ft. (12,000 sq.m)

The rm has designed a major new performing arts center in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin. Through the generosity of a large corporate donor the project had the initial funding to move forward and greatly accelerate the rebirth of Appleton’s already developing downtown. Designed to accommodate several dozen local performing arts groups, as well as touring Broadway shows, symphonies and other activities, the center includes a 2,070-seat main multipurpose hall, a 450-seat flexible community theatre/rehearsal space and a spacious lobby used for pre-event / intermission, banquets and the presentation of visual arts.

The center fronts College Avenue, the city’s main street, and includes a large zinc and glass covered circular element, which visually denotes the principal entrance while serving as the main gathering space in the lobby. A two-story brick colonnade relates in material and scale to the existing urban fabric and provides shading along the remainder of the College Avenue frontage, which is fully glazed offering views of the excitement within the center.


  • The Associated General Contractors of America - Build Wisconsin Award, 2003