Toronto Eaton Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Galleria In Joint Venture with: B+H Architects
Client: Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd.
Size: 3,434,000 sq.ft. (319,000 sq.m.)

Since opening in 1977, the Toronto Eaton Centre has become a Toronto landmark, and continues to be the City’s most popular tourist attraction, with an average of 1 million visitors every week. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto and covering two long city blocks, our design for this mixed-use development features a soaring 900-foot-long galleria with more than 300 shops on three levels. The continuous glass-roofed Galleria connects two major department stores—Nordstrom’s to the north and The Bay and Sak’s to the south, via a pedestrian bridge that will soon be replaced with a sculptural glass bridge, a project for which Zeidler is Executive Architect. The Centre is connected to two subway stations and also contains: three major office towers that range in height from 26- to 35-storeys, providing 1.9 million sq.ft. of space; the 459-room Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel; and two large parking garages.

Zeidler has been retained to design many additions and renovations to the complex over the years, and continues to provide architectural services into 2016. Currently, our firm is working on the redesign of several entrances and preparing work for the restoration of the significant 2 Queen corner. Our ongoing involvement in this landmark building is a testament to a strong 40-year relationship with our client, Cadillac Fairview and our commitment to the continued success of this project within the developing life of the city.


  • Ontario Association of Architects - Landmark Designation Award, 2008
  • City of Toronto - The City of Toronto Urban Design Award, 1992
  • City of Toronto - Access Award, 1984
  • Urban Land Institute - Award for Excellence for Large Scale Development, 1983
  • Governor General of Canada - Governor General's Medal for Architecture, 1982
  • Design Canada - Award of Excellence, 1981
  • Design & Planning Award, 1981
  • Urban Design Awards - Certificate of Excellence, 1978
  • Canadian Architect Yearbook - Award of Excellence, Projects in the Design Stage, 1974