Am Lokdepot

Berlin, Germany

Client: HD Projektentwicklung
Size: 154,000 sq.ft. (14,300 sq.m.)

The project marks the conclusion of the urban development project 'Am Lokdepot' in Berlin Schöneberg, the purpose of which was to breathe new life into the former railway-owned property between Duden and Kolonnen streets. The segment of the project drafted by ZPA – which is highly regarded in professional circles – consists of 39 condominium apartments measuring between 35 m2 and 170 m2, 154 student apartments and commercial units, and a 125-space parking garage that serves the residents of other housing in the area as well.  

The architecture of the residences evokes its past history by adopting such stylistic characteristics of the pre-existing industrial environment as a marked dominance of red tones in the facade and window components. The student residence on Dudenstrasse expresses a contrasting architectural language as a transition to the surrounding Wilhelminian buildings and social cooperative housing.