33 Avenue Road

Toronto, Ontario

In Association with: E.I. Richmond Architects Ltd. and Scott Torrance Landscape Architect
Client: Empire Communities
Size: 226,000 sq.ft. (21,000 sq.m.)

Responding to its historical Yorkville setting and to the challenges of sustainable architecture, this mixed-use residential building offers refined contemporary design with the beauty of natural materials. The project wraps around the existing heritage building to rise 31 storeys, an environmentally innovative garden tower with lushly planted terraces, an extensive roof garden, and terra cotta facades. Sustainable heating, cooling, and rainwater harvesting strategies are integral to the design. With green integrity from core to surface, our design balances a modern aesthetic with the organic beauty of nature.

The project provides the site’s heritage building with a new context. This transformation will occur with new retail spaces, The Mews, and a new public square on Yorkville Avenue. The Square offers the residents of Yorkville a vibrant, active, and welcoming public “room” that will be curated with year-round with activities and events. The roof over the square not only provides shelter but also defines the fourth face of the square. The ceiling planting and lighting chandeliers activate the roof and complete the sense of an outdoor room. The roof also creates an important visual separation between the public realm and the tower, and allows the scale of the building’s base to relate to human scale. At street level this “room” becomes the predominant accommodating feature, which will support the health of Yorkville’s street life with retail and an atmosphere of wellbeing.

Our Tower design features large garden terraces on the East and
West facades, while the South and North facades feature terra cotta
screens that reflect the material and colour character of the
neighbourhood while serving an environmental purpose.